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Cool Cement Bedroom
Applying Cement on Wall


Do you wish to embellish your property or give a luxurious finish? Perhaps you would like to give that extra personal touch to your property. At Shaw Contractors, we can provide various gypsum works services. Some of them but not limited to:​


  • Soffits (60 X 60) - Ideal for customizing ceilings with different lighting. and decorative features.


  • Bulk Head - These are typically used to create a division between one ceiling and another. These are useful especially when ceilings differ in height.


  • Coving - If you wish to add that decorative touch to your house, coving is a great way to customize the look of any room. Coving comes in various styles and artistic designs.

  • Feature Walls - Do you desire to give that personal touch to your living room or any other room? Feature walls are a great way to make your room have that extra creative touch.


  • Partitions: Gypsum Partitions are a great way to divide a room and personalize the space. Gypsum Partitions are widely used in offices.


  • Wall-Lining: Wall-Linings is an ideal and economic way to create spaces for apartments.

           +356 99498507

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